Merritt Signs with AJHL’s Grand Prairie Storm

It was short but sweet for the Bombers and Jaydon Merritt.

The Bombers are proud to announce that Jaydon Merritt has signed with the AJHL’s Grand Prairie Storm after what could only be described as a prolific stay with the Bombers.

In just 12 VIJHL games Merritt posted 11 goals and 11 assists for 22 points.

Bombers president David Michaud called the news bittersweet.  “We’re excited that Jaydon earned this opportunity so quickly for himself.  It really speaks to his level of play with the Bombers and the level of play here in the VIJHL.  As a development league, we’re excited to see Jaydon get this chance, but selfishly our club will miss him in the line-up and in the dressing room.”

The Bombers will have their 1st test without Merritt in the line-up tomorrow as